Saturday, 1 July 2017

#30DaysWild, days 21-25

Another catch-up post for the enjoyable #30DaysWild!

Day 21 was a visit to a new-to-me nature reserve - Overhall Grove, managed by the local Wildlife Trust and located in a village not too far from me. I've driven through the village many times and noticed the Wildlife Trust signpost, but had never got around to visiting. It's a little gem - woodland, beautifully quiet, muntjac deer barking and buzzards calling.

But the best bit came when I was walking back to the car - a family of foxes, four youngsters and a vixen, on the footpath right in front of me! I was able to quietly watch them for a good while, as they foraged in the leaf litter. The tree canopy was quite dense so the pics I got aren't great, but what a treat that was!

Fox family Overhall Grove NR

Fox family Overhall Grove NR

On day 22 I went out for a run for my breath of fresh air, heard yellowhammers calling in the hedgerows and spotted a buzzard. I finished up a couple of nature journal pages from my visit to Overhall Grove.

Nature journal Overhall Grove NR

Nature journal Overhall Grove NR

Day 23 was another rummage around the garden for minibeasts. So many!

Spider with egg sac

Common footman moth

Running crab spider with fly

Day 24 - I was disappointed that a bug hunting workshop I was going to got cancelled, but was happy to find this strange little mirid bug (Heterotoma species I think), with it's super thick antennae, in the garden. The unexpected free time meant I could go for a run too, and I saw two red kites - don't often get to see them in Cambridgeshire and it's the first time I've seen two together here.

Mirid bug Heterotoma species

 Day 25 - spot the hopper!

Cricket nymph in the garden


  1. Fantastic foxes! Your nature journal is beautiful- I see you're seeing lots of meadow browns and ringlets too! I saw the same mirid bug in our garden yesterday. I think it's heterotoma planicornis.

    1. Was so lucky with the foxes! I occasionally see one around here, but this is the first family I've seen in years :-) And I'm loving the garden minibeasts...