Tuesday, 27 June 2017

#30DaysWild, days 16-20

Keeping the wild theme going, here's the next batch for #30DaysWild...

Day 16, my new-found spider obsession had me looking around the greenhouse, where I found this intriguing structure - the egg sac of a pirate spider (Ero sp). The sac is about 3mm in length, and is suspended from the greenhouse frame, on the inside, by a silk stalk about 20mm long. Amazing little structure, looks like spun sugar! And since day 16, another one has appeared, though the original hasn't yet hatched... I've yet to find any adult pirate spiders but they are evidently there!

#30DaysWild spider egg sac

Days 17 and 18 I spent visiting family on a very hot weekend! Too hot really to do anything other than cook and eat barbecued food... But there's always something to see! First is a leafcutter bee's nest hole - I spotted the bee carrying in pieces of leaf to a hole in a concrete fence post. And the dried seed head just made a nice pic!

#30DaysWild leafcutter bee nest

#30DaysWild dried seed head

Day 19. Another hot and sunny day. Spotted some red kites on my drive back to Cambridgeshire from the Midlands. Had a mooch around the garden and found this really pretty little spider (Anelosimus vittatus, identified with help from the British Spider Identification Group on facebook). My list of resident spiders is growing!

#30DaysWild Anelosimus vittatus spider

 And day 20, some more garden invertebrates, there's just so much out there when you start looking. The moth is a Large Twin-spot Carpet, spider 1 as yet unidentified (maybe Enagplogntha sp. Candy-stripe spider), spider 2 is a running crab spider (Philodromus sp.)

#30DaysWild spider (common candy stripe?)

 #30DaysWild spider (Philodromus sp. running crab spider