Sunday, 11 June 2017

#30DaysWild, days 6 to 10

Still enjoying a bit a of wild every day (well, mostly!). The weather has been blowing hot and cold (and really blowing too!). Here are days 6 to 10...

Day 6 was a wet one, so I strained and bottled the elderflower cordial (fab with tonic, or indeed vodka and tonic!)

Elderflower cordial
Day 7 was a Wednesday evening run around Portholme Meadow - no pics, but suffice to say that it was glorious, full of flowers and buzzing with insects. I decided I would have to go back on a sunny afternoon...

Day 8 was a walk around the fields, late afternoon. I spotted a roe deer; it's usually muntjacs that I see here in my corner of Cambridgeshire so this was a treat. Followed him round the edge of a field and found a track. Not a great pic, taken on my phone... And later in the evening, a beautiful sunset.

Roe deer track

Day 9's wildness was another walk around the fields, this time at dusk. The full moon was rising but rather hazy, but I was very lucky to find a buzzard perched on a bare branch in front of the shimmering moon.
Day 10 was a fabulous return visit to Portholme Meadow in Godmanchester. This actually deserves a full post all of its own at some point in the near future. So much to see! Here are some highlights...
Portholme Meadow, Cambridgeshire

Portholme Meadow, Cambridgeshire

Larinioides cornutus
Larinioides cornutus, ascending to her silken retreat at the top of the grass stalks

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